My animation is about change and how we should always look back to our past to know what we need to change. What better way to show change than a butterfly, the very animal in nature that changes over a period of time. In my animation the butterfly goes back to what it once was to notice the things that got it to its place in the present. We all start as one to then grow to our own person. To separate from the group and fly as we choose.  

This video is under process. Our  idea for this video was to make a parody of the chronicles of Narnia the lion the witch and the wardrobe. We were able to make a great story board and a script but then we got stuck in the process of making the video. In our video we start of by playing hide and seek. Claire, played by Martha, is the oldest sister of the two she starts off counting while Persia, played by Ashley, is trying to find a good place to hide. Then we see Persia being chased around by Claire. Then Persia finds a door that is locked and looks through the window and sees something strange through it but when she tries to tell Claire what she saw Claire does not believe her and this is as far as our video goes. We would like to add more the story when we get the time to add it to make it complete.